This assignment will not only benefit you, but your classmates as well.  In this assignment, you will research and find a technological tool that will aid your studies for this course.  No tool is off limit for this assignment.  However, the tool must be applicable to the study of anatomy and must have technological application.

On Monday, August 26th’s class period, I will provide an overview of technological tools that you can use throughout the class to enhance and aid your learning.  After viewing this presentation, you will have an understanding of the technological tools that are applicable for this assignment.  If you have a question as to whether or not a technology is appropriate to share, please just email me and I will sign off on it.

Once you have selected a technological tool to share, you will go to the online forum designated for this assignment and post a brief overview.

You will also need to provide a brief 1-3 minute presentation about the tool(s) you selected during the Monday, September 9th class period.  This will allow everyone to share their tool ideas and as a result, your list of tools to use will increase.


To find and share technology tools that can aid your learning experience in this course.

By the conclusion of the technology presentation and this assignment, you should have a lengthy list of tools to use to aid you in this course (and other courses).


Your overview will include:

  • One technology tool related to studying, learning, or managing your learning as it relates to anatomy.
  • A brief description of the tool and how you plan on using it in this course
  • A link to the tool’s website.  The link must be embedded in your post.
  • 250-word maximum
  • 1-3 minute presentation showing the tool selected and how to you plan on using it.




Quality of Overview:


Quality of Presentation: