This activity will have you create an alien from another planet.  You must select a planet, either a planet within our solar system or an extrasolar planet, that has enough information in regards to its atmosphere, sustainability of water, and environments.  Using the information about the planet’s environments, you must determine what adaptations the alien may have evolved within its organ systems.  We have not covered all of the systems at this time within the course.  Regardless, please demonstrate how four organ systems and two major organs within each system operate within your alien.  Also, you need to develop two new systems.  They may be similar to our body systems or completely different.  Your alien may or may not be humanoid, but I would suggest starting with an humanoid alien because it will be easier to deviate from when working with the organ systems.

Once you have formulated your idea and the science behind your alien, you will need to present your alien to the world!  You must draw, or attempt to draw, your alien so that you can present it to the course.  You can draw it by hand or use any computer application to create your alien.  (This is not a drawing contest.  I can’t draw for crap. Just have fun and be creative with the drawings.)

You will present your alien drawing to the course along with a brief overview of your planet and how your alien’s organs operate.  Your presentation should be around 1-3 minutes in duration.

You will also need to complete a brief one-page paper that gives information on your alien’s organ systems and organs and the planet in which it resides. The paper needs to include where you found the information for your planet.

Both your paper and presentation should include the following information:

  • the environment and planet in which the alien lives
  • how the alien survives on the planet
  • how the organs and organ systems have evolved to aide in survival
  • how the organ systems and organs work
  • how the organs and organ systems work together to maintain homeostasis


To show your creativity and knowledge of anatomy and homeostasis concepts. 


The following steps should be used completing this assignment:

  • Create an Alien.
  • Find a planet to design an alien for.  You will want to research as much information as possible on the planet before you design the alien.  Your alien design, or creation, will be based upon the planet you have selected.
    • You can find information on planets in our solar systems here: http://nssdc.gsfc.nasa.gov/planetary/factsheet/
    • A list of extrasolar planets can be found here:  http://exoplanet.eu/catalog/
    • Design the organ systems and organs for your alien.  You will need to create, modify, or duplicate at least 4 organ systems and 2 organs per system.
    • Draw your alien. Your will have two drawings:
      • Anatomical view: Regular Drawing
      • Anatomical view: Organs showing
      • Give a brief 1-3 minute speech on your alien.  You will show your two drawings and provide information on the alien’s planet and organ systems.
      • Write a one-page paper providing information on your alien, the organs, and the alien’s planet.  Please provide information as to where you found your sources for your planets.