The following lesson is from my SES 268 Technology Applications in Sport and Fitness.  The week’s topic for this lesson is Video Games and Sport and Exercise Science.  Students in this class have to complete a list of tasks or objectives each week.  These tasks can include watching video lectures, selected YouTube videos, research articles, technology news reports, case studies, quizzes, assignments, and collaboration activities.  The following is how the Video Games module goes:


Activity 9.1-

Visit the following sites and do a brief review over each:

Xbox One




Activity 9.2:

Please watch the following flipped lesson on how the Xbox One can be used a sport and exercise science content hub and how you as the fitness, sport, or exercise professional can use it:


Activity 9.3:

Please proceed to either Hulu+ or Netflix and peruse their collection of content material.

DISCLAIMER: Hulu+ does not require you to sign up to view their collection.  Netflix does, however.  Both services offer free trials, though, so you should have no problem completing this activity.  

Once you have browsed their content offerings, select up to three pieces of content and type below what the content is and how you will use this piece of content in your current studies of sport and exercise science, your future profession, or your growth as a person.

Sample student submission: “Fathers of the Sport” is a movie (documentary) found on Netflix that looks into how NBA stars of the past honed their skills on local playgrounds and how that compares to today’s current athlete.  This content can be used to grow my knowledge of the sport of basketball, evaluate and compare the socioeconomic factors of past players to present  players, and expand my knowledge of history in sport.  I can use this content in the courses “History and Social Issues of Sport” and “Advanced Basketball Strategies” that I plan on taking next year.”

Here are the links for Hulu+ and Netflix:





Activity 9.4:

Please watch the following videos on Xbox Fitness and answer the question below:

IMO!– What impact, if any, do you think this service will have to the fitness industry?



Activity 9.5:

Sport games today have evolved to almost mimic the game in both movement of the players and presentation. With these advancements in graphics, player models, and player control, sport games are turning more into simulations rather than games.  Simulation technology is huge right now.  With Second Life and MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Open Role Player Games) like World of Warcraft gaining and sustaining tremendous popularity, there may be something there with using video games as more of a simulation tool rather than as entertainment.  Watch the following two game clips from NBA 2k14:

After watching those two videos, do you have any ideas for how video game technology could be used to enhance sport performance?  Could this technology be used as a tool in any way?

BRAINSTORMING SESSION!– Imagine you are a coach, how might this technology help you?  Do you see this technology advancing in the future and becoming more widely adopted?