1. The official website is which serves as a blogfolio.  Within this site you can find information on instruction, research, service, scholarship, and opinion.

Twitter –

  1. Twitter is used as a research and networking hub, as well as a place to share information and opinion.
  2. The official Twitter account of Zach Binkley is @zachbinkley.
  3. Retweets do not necessarily mean endorsements.  They could and then again they couldn’t- that’s the fun with social media.  Further, retweets (RTs) will never equal my own personal opinion.  My opinion is unique and even though a RT may closely resemble my opinion, it will never be identical. RTs may also be used sarcastically.
  4. Current students enrolled within my department will not be “followed”.  This allows students to be students without the fear of “Big Brother” watching.
    • However, if you ask me to do any of the following, I do reserve the right to peruse your social media to check for any inappropriateness that may reflect poorly upon my endorsement, research, or service:
      • If you ask me for help on a resume
      • If you need me to help with finding you a job or internship
      • If you are asking me to be a reference
      • If you are collaborating with me and my colleagues on research, scholarship, and service projects
    • Incoming students and transfer students- policy is TBD.

Facebook –

  1. The content posted is meant to be either informative, entertaining, opinionated, educational, or just “cool”.
  2. ‘Likes’ of another page do not equal endorsements nor am I responsible for the content which they post.

YouTube –  TBD

Instagram –  TBD